A government decree has been signed on the procedure for declaring housing unsuitable in the case of an emergency
The prime minister signed a government decision on the procedure of declaring the dwellings unsuitable in case of emergency. Now citizens will not have to apply for an examination of the affected housing. The relevant document, developed by the Russian Ministry of Construction, is available on the government website.
Citizens whose homes have been affected by the emergency will be able to get new housing faster and easier. The decree was signed by Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

This is a new algorithm for the work of interdepartmental commissions, which recognize the houses as unfit for habitation. Now the affected citizens will not have to submit to the commission documents on the right of ownership and the application for inspection of their homes. On the basis of data from the Uniform State Register of Real Estate (UGRN) will be formed a consolidated list of residential facilities located within the boundaries of the emergency zone. All houses in this area will be surveyed in a shortened time.

The commission will have 20 calendar days to prepare its conclusion. After that, within 10 days, an order will be issued on the terms of resettlement of citizens whose houses are considered unfit for habitation.

If, for any reason, the house is not included in the consolidated list, the owner will be able to submit an application to the commission to conduct an inspection of the house.

The mechanism of declaring houses unfit was decided to change after the flood in Irkutsk region in June 2019. Then, due to the imperfection of existing rules, not all people could quickly get new housing to replace the destroyed property.

Source: minstroyrf.gov.ru